Flex 3 Beta 3 Developers Guide on liveDocs


I have just found out Flex 3 Developers Guide on liveDocs

Flex Developer Guide is best resource to learn flex and prepare for Adobe Certified Flex Developer Exam.

Here is a link

Flex Component Class Hierarchy


This article is all about presenting the visual component hierarchy this is basic thing in flex which shows how different properties, method and evens added to the component at various levels and this give knowledge to the lower level of abstraction.

Flex Visual component are created with the class hierarchy of several ActionScript class to provide more flexibility and add more features at the different level of hierarchy.

Following is a visual representation of class hierarchy of Flex Visual Components:

Flex Component Class HierarchyObject: Object is a Top/Root Level class of AactionScript class hierarchy. | More Info…

EventDispatcher: EventDispatcher class extends object class. EvenDispacher class allows any object on the display list to be an event target. | More Info

DisplayObject: Display Object class extends object and this is the base class for all objects which can be added in the DisplayList. Display object class allows some properties (x, y, width, height )for components/Objects like MovieClip, Button, TextField etc. | More Info

InteractiveObject: InteractiveObject extends DisplayObject and it is an abstract base class for all DisplayObject with which user can interact. InteractiveObject provides some common properties like doubleClickEnabled, focusRect, tabIndex etc… and Events like all mouse Events, Keyboard Events. | More Info

DisplayObjectContainer: DisplayObjectContainer extends InteractiveObject class and it is a base shell for all containers which adds display objects in the container shell. . DisplayObjectContainer provides some common properties like numChildren, tabChildren etc and methods like addChild(), removeChilld() method related to the child display object management. .. | More Info

FlexSprite: FlexSprite is a subclass of the Player’s Sprite class and the superclass of UIComponent. It overrides the toString() method to return a string indicating the location of the object within the hierarchy of DisplayObjects in the application. The Sprite class is a basic display list building block: a display list node that can display graphics and can also contain children. | More Info

UIComponent: UIComponent extends Sprite and it is a base class for all Interactive and non Interactive component. The UIComponent class is not used as an MXML tag, but is used as a base class for other classes. | More Info

All Visual Components like VBox, HBox, Canvas, Button etc. extends UIComponent.

Hope this article will help you. Any Comments?

Resolving Flex 3 “Beta Expired” Error


Today morning I have open my flex builder IDE and created a new project. New project creation was giving strange Error “Beta Expired”. My Flex builder status bar was showing “Flex Builder 3 will expire in 39 Days” this seems to be a strange behavior.
I found out that I was using Flex builder Beta 2 and adobe has set some date for Flex beta 2 SDK Expiry. (This means Your Flex SDK has expired not Flex builder “Flex Builder 3 will expire in 39 Days™ as mention above.
To solve this problem I have downloaded new Flex 3 Beta 3 SDK and added to flex builder and compiling my projects with Beta 3 SDK
Now, it works fine Hope this helps to some one facing same problem.

AOL acquires Goowy


AOL announced to acquire a San Diego based company Goowy media inc. Goowy has a Excellent Flash and javascript (AJAX) based webmail platform and provides a good widget solution YourMinis.

Read more about acquisition…

Microsoft bids $45 billion for Yahoo!

Microsoft + Yahoo!
$45 Billion

This is the biggest news of the Friday morning all rumors are transformed in to a fact that Microsoft has offered yahoo to buy for $45 billion. This is the big move from Microsoft to spread his wings in internet and online advertising industry.

I am sure that there will be lot of reaction from the community by big merger.

It will be interesting to see that will Yahoo accept the offer of Microsoft?

Speaking @ 360|Flex on “Creating cool front-end Apps using Flex and JavaScript”


I am glad to announce that I will be speaking at 360Flex on “Creating cool front-end Apps using Flex and JavaScript.

My topic will be covering following points and much more.

  • Flex and JavaScript Hand in Hand.
  • Integration and communication between Flex and JavaScript.
  • Flex and Ajax Bridge.
  • Simple approaches to achieve most usable UI using Flex and JavaScript.
  • Building word processor using flex and javascript.
  • Drag and Drop management between Flex Component and JavaScript component.
  • Some Examples
  • Q and A

This session will bring up light on many good technique and challenges while working with flex and JavaScript.

See you @ 360Flex Atlanta.

Register for 360Flex Atlanta / Europe

360|Flex Atlanta – February 25-27, 2008


This 3-day conference is the place to learn about Flex and AIR from Adobe and community speakers. Sunday before the conference we’ll be offering an all day Flex 101 session, included in the price of registration. That’s right, a pre-conference all day training session on Flex. 360|Flex is the premiere Flex and AIR conference. We were the first Flex conference and we’re still growing and getting better. Don’t miss out, only $480 for an individual or $1500 for a 4-person team. More details can be found at http://360flex.com

360 Flex Conference schadule has been posted. Check it out…

Free Silverlight Training at Lynda.com


Lynda.com is providing free training video of silverlight . It is 4.5 hrs training conducted by Mike Hash (program manager on the Silverlight team at Microsoft)

Training covers following topics:

  1. Understanding Silverlight
  2. Discovering Silverlight Experiences
  3. Silverlight Tools: Expression and Visual Studio
  4. Getting Started with XAML, JavaScript, and HTML
  5. Advanced XAML
  6. Advanced JavaScript Techniques for Silverlight
  7. Asset Preparation for Designers
  8. Working with Media in Silverlight
  9. Creating a Media Player with Silverlight
  10. Creating Programmatic Animations
  11. Silverlight Deployment

For more details visit here

WOW-Engine: AS3 3D Physics Engine


WOW-Engine (AS3 3D Physics Engine) has been released.

WOW-Engine is a free AS3 open source physics engine written by Seraf ( Jme Birembaut ) capable to handle positions in a 3D environment.

WOW-Engine use Sandy library for all the 3D mathematical computations (matrix, 3D vector, plane). The inner architecture of the engine is also inspired by Sandy™s one.

It is good to see that flex 3D coming in good way.

Checkout more details here

360° Video with PaperVision3D


Adrien Noterdaem has posted a good experiment on 360° Video with PaperVision3D. Demo is really cool.

Have a look at the incredible experiment.

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