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Microsoft Seadragon: New Image Technology


With the aqasition of Seadragon Software in February Microsoft is coming with new Imaging Technology called “Seadragon”. Its aim is nothing less than to change the way we use screens, from wall-sized displays to mobile devices, so that visual information can be smoothly browsed regardless of the amount of data involved or the bandwidth of the network.

Currently Seadragon is promises following:

  • Speed of navigation is independent of the size or number of
  • objects. Performance depends only on the ratio of bandwidth to pixels on the screen.
  • Transitions are smooth as butter.
  • Scaling is near perfect and rapid for screens of any resolution.

You can watch demo here or for more info visit live labs.

Flex 3: Code Enhancement


Ted Patrick has posted new Flex Builder 3 features related to Code Enhancement

Following are Code Enhancement feature related to Flex Builder 3

  • Faster Compilation
  • Strong Language Intelligence Support by Flex IDE for MXML/AcrionScript/CSS.
  • Refactoring for method, class and variable renaming
  • Class Outline will be an enhanced outline view, which will show all imported Class
  • Method and Property.
  • Enhanced Search Support
  • Flex Profiler for profiling code
  • Module Support in Flex IDE
  • Multiple Flex SDK support to select the targeted SDK for compiling your code

These All features are an Enhancement to the Flex IDE only.

Flex Profiler and Code Refactoring Feature Excites me more because we need the good flex profiler to profile code for complex enterprise applications.

For more details on features read following…

Flex 3 – Tuesday: Code Enhancements – Ted Petrik

Aral Balkan’s FlashForward KeyNote


Today morning I am excited by reading Aral Balkan‘s post FlashForward KeyNote at MacWorld This post give very interesting Sneak Peek of Flash CS3 I am waiting to see “Automatic animation to code conversion” feature of flash CS3 and V3 Components.

Read full story >>

Can AJAX Used for making web apps graphical rich?


Today I came across two contrast posts on zdnet blog. One post says graphical richness is easy with AJAX and the other post is contradicts first post by saying Don’t try to do interactive graphics with Ajax

This is again an interesting topic for debate for Ajax vs Flash and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Laszlo Mail: Amazing RIA mail client developed using OpenLaszlo


Form few days I am stepping into Open Laszlo. I came across good example of RIA email client LaszloMail built using OpenLaszlo.

Here is the more information on LaszloMail given by David Temkin, CTO, Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Mail was developed using OpenLaszlo an open source platform that enables developers to create applications with the rich user interface capabilities of desktop client software and the instantaneous no-download Web deployment of HTML. These applications run on all leading Web browsers on all leading desktop operating systems from a single XML code base. EarthLink, Behr Paint, Barclay’s, La Quinta and many others rely on OpenLaszlo to deliver state-of-the-art applications serving millions of users. OpenLaszlo is released under IBM’s Common Public License, and is free for development and deployment. Cool Na… Will post some examples of Laszlo soon.

Google Page Creator : New invention form google


Hear is a new invention form Google!!!

Google Page Creator is a free online tool which helps to create web pages online. This is a very basic page editor tool to edit pages and post it on your own site at http://yourgmailusername.googlepages.com
Hear is a seen shot of page creator


view my dummy page @ http://hotketu.googlepages.com

Bokardo: 7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail


Joshua Porter, has posted 7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail. This is a good Analysis on why web applications fails.

Joshua has mentioned following reasons in his post.

1. Focus on social instead of personal.
2. They solve too many problems, or try to.
3. They’re about making someone other than the user happy.
4. They sell it the wrong way
5. Not in it for the long haul.
6. They show too much of what’s going on, and get gamed.
7. They don’t have an underlying business strategy of improving people’s lives.

you can find detailed article at http://bokardo.com/archives/7-reasons-why-web-apps-fail/

Microsoft & Google Battle Along


Microsoft is going to announce a major decision today, and that is to make the Office formats open access.

Microsoft is going to make the MS Office file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint available to ECMA International, the standards body, which will develop the documentation and make it available to the industry.

Using the documentation others will be able to write their own editors which can generate MS office documents and also this will mean that one no longer needs to have a licensed copy of MS Office to open or edit Office documents.

ECMA will take at least 18 months to make these formats available and it will be another 24 months before we can expect any meaningful applications can be created to make this available to the public.

Now this make it very clear that Microsoft has an alternate product due to Demo in 12 to 18 months which will replace the need for MS Office.

Find related article on following link

The Making of Flash 8


This is one of the best examples of teamwork. Macromedia has shipped outstanding product Flash8.

Check exciting video of “The Making of Flash 8”.

Thanks to flash team and everyone who helped to build great product :)

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