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Laszlo Mail: Amazing RIA mail client developed using OpenLaszlo


Form few days I am stepping into Open Laszlo. I came across good example of RIA email client LaszloMail built using OpenLaszlo.

Here is the more information on LaszloMail given by David Temkin, CTO, Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Mail was developed using OpenLaszlo an open source platform that enables developers to create applications with the rich user interface capabilities of desktop client software and the instantaneous no-download Web deployment of HTML. These applications run on all leading Web browsers on all leading desktop operating systems from a single XML code base. EarthLink, Behr Paint, Barclay’s, La Quinta and many others rely on OpenLaszlo to deliver state-of-the-art applications serving millions of users. OpenLaszlo is released under IBM’s Common Public License, and is free for development and deployment. Cool Na… Will post some examples of Laszlo soon.

Flash Player 8 is at 86% penetration


Just Read in Emmy Huang’s blog, that Flash Player 8 is at 86% penetration this is fabulous figure which Flash Player 8 has achieved in 9 moths.

We can simply say “Flash Rocks!!!”

Read Full Story at Emmy Huang’s blog

Adobe Flash Player Version Penetration

Flax 2 Released


Just got an info form http://www.flex2components.com/
This is an exiting time to celebrate.

Congratulation Flex Team for your Great innovation.

I am very happy that I have contributed to this product as a part of flash player 9 team.

For more info check out the post of Peace Mike and Adobe Press Release

Flex 2.0 Beta 3 Released !!!


Adobe has Flex 2.0 Beta 3.

You can refer to Beta 2.0 to Beta 3.0 changes

Flex Developer Derby Contest. Flex 2.0


Adobe is hosting the Flex Developer Derby Contest. Flex 2.0 delivers an integrated set of tools and technology that enables developers to build and deploy scalable rich Internet applications. This is very exiting :)

There are cool Prizes too…Six winners will each receive:A 42-inch Samsung plasma TV plus a Microsoft Xbox 360. See TV specs. Your application showcased on Adobe’s website, along with an application name and description and a link to your personal website or blog (if applicable) Your application showcased in Adobe’s booth at the JavaOne Conference, May 16–19, 2006, in San Francisco Early bird submission prizes:

In addition, the first 25 developers who submit applications that are chosen to be posted in our online showcase gallery will receive a US$50 electronic gift certificate to Amazon.com. Applications must meet eligibility requirements set by the Terms and Conditions.
Following are categories for building applications.Product Configurators/Self-Service Guided Applications Components and Gadgets Data Dashboards Mashups Communication/Collaboration Just Freakin’ Cool (aka Wild Card) “Contest is available only in the United States and Canada” :(I hope that Adobe will conduct contest for other regions soon…

Increase the Frame Rates of Your Flash Movies


Cover Story: How to Increase the Frame Rates of Your Flash Movies — Flash in its essence began as a tool for creating vector animations on the web. The Flash Player was designed specifically as a lightweight animation viewer to display those moving vector objects which are in their simplest form, mathematical equations that describe complex shapes made up of points, lines, curves and fills. However, nowadays developers and designers are using Flash to do a lot more than just animation, today we see Flash being used for everything from interactive banner ads to games and large applications with complex user interfaces. We are now pushing Flash to its limits and our frame rates are starting to suffer as we continue to develop content that is more application centric.

Read Full Story >>

Introducing Flex 2 with Flash Player 8.5


Macromedia has introduced Flex 2 product line. Flex is a powerful product to develop Rich Internet Applications which has powerful client runtime, programming model, development environment and data services.

Flex 2 is coming up with following:
Macromedia Flex Framework 2
Macromedia Flex Charting Components 2
Macromedia Flex Builder 2
Macromedia Flex Enterprise Services 2

Read More about Flex 2 at

Flash 8 Easter Egg


There are 3 Easter eggs (A message hidden in the object code of a program as a joke, intended to be found by persons disassembling or browsing the code) hidden in the about box of Flash 8.

Have a look at flash Easter Egg @ http://www.buraks.com/f8egg/

The Making of Flash 8


This is one of the best examples of teamwork. Macromedia has shipped outstanding product Flash8.

Check exciting video of “The Making of Flash 8”.

Thanks to flash team and everyone who helped to build great product :)

Studio8 Now Shipping.

Macromedia is shipping a waited product Studio8. This is a big release after 2 years.

Studio8 includes following products:

Dreamweaver 8

Flash Professional 8

Fireworks 8

Contribute 3

FlashPaper 2

Visit Macromedia site for more information.

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