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360° Video with PaperVision3D


Adrien Noterdaem has posted a good experiment on 360° Video with PaperVision3D. Demo is really cool.

Have a look at the incredible experiment.

Open Source Flex Development Framework


Moxie Zhang has posted a nice article in infoq about Open Source Flex development frame works. In his post Moxie has listed 10 Open source frameworks for Flex Development.

Following are top Open Source Frameworks:

  1. Cairngorm
    “The Cairngorm micro architecture is intended as a framework for Enterprise RIA developers. If you are writing a very simple application (such as a prototype application) or an application with only a single view, then you might consider a “Model 1″ solution that doesn’t strive for the same separation of model, view, and control that Cairngorm advocates. The benefits of the Cairngorm architecture are realized when developing complex RIA applications with multiple use-cases and views, with a team of developers, and with a multi-disciplinary development team that includes designers as well as creative and technical developers.” by Adobe
    Download Cairngorm.
  2. PureMVC
    PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications in ActionScript 3, based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.This free, open source framework does not depend on any Flash, Flex or Apollo classes, and is therefore suitable for architecting applications on any platform running AS3.” By PureMVC
    Download PureMVC
  3. Model-Glue
    The Model-Glue family of frameworks support Web application developers by making the construction of Object-Oriented Web and Rich Internet Applications a straightforward process.
    Through a simple implementation of Implicit Invocation and Model-View-Controller, they allow applications to be well organized without sacrificing flexibility.”
     By Model-Glue
    Download Model-Glue
  4. Foundry
  5. Guasax Flex Framework
  6. ARP
  7. Flest Framework
  8. EasyMVC
  9. Adobe FAST
  10. Joeberkovitz’s framework

Creating cool front-end Apps using Flex and JavaScript @ 360Flex


I am glad to announce that I will be speaking at 360Flex on “Creating cool front-end Apps using Flex and JavaScript”

My topic will be covering following points and much more.

  • Flex and JavaScript Hand in Hand.
  • Integration and communication between Flex and JavaScript.
  • Flex and Ajax Bridge.
  • Simple approaches to achieve most usable UI using Flex and JavaScript.
  • Building word processor using flex and javascript.
  • Drag and Drop management between Flex Component and JavaScript component.
  • Some Examples
  • Q and A

This session will bring up light on many good technique and challenges while working with flex and JavaScript.

See you @ 360Flex Atlanta.

Register for 360Flex Atlanta / Europe

James Gosling on JavaFX and Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR


Kathleen Richards has posted notes of interview with James Gosling (Creator of the java programming language).

Here are some Q&A Discussed with James Gosling which are specifically for Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR.

How will JavaFX be positioned with regard to Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe AIR?
[James] : It certainly competes with both of those. I think we have a much broader and more capable API set. We’ve got a much stronger security story and cross-platform story and a really strong performance story. And I think our deliverable will be really nice.

As organizations think about building rich Internet applications or rich client applications, when should developers look at JavaFX over competing technologies?
[James] :Â If you look at something like Flash, when you get to the much more advanced stuff — richer interfaces, more complex network protocols, more complex APIs — it really falls short.” We’ve had a platform for years that can build rich Internet applications that are extremely sophisticated.
Our issue hasn’t really been, can you build interesting rich Internet applications? But that it’s difficult. And most of our efforts really are around making a lot of it easier.

In RIA technology space Flash Platform and AJAX are leader and Microsoft (Silverlight) and SUN (JavaFX) are just coming in action.

I am sure that Flash/Flex Platform Community will have some reaction on this.

You can read full article here…

Top 10 Adobe Flex Misconceptions


Flex LogoAdobe’s James Ward shared Flex Misconceptions with infoQ.com at QCon. James answered many contradictory questions about flex misconceptions.

At the end there are many comments and concern posted by users have been answered by James.
Have a look at interesting post here…

subclipse: SVN Plug-in for Flex Builder (Eclipse)


subclipse is an open source SVN plug-in for Flex Builder (eclipse).

Find out more details here…
How to install subclipse in Flex Builder (eclipse).

New Flex Skin from Yahoo!


Yahoo! has released new flex skin. This is very basic but sleek skin.

You can view flex skin here or Download from here
Learn how to build your own skin for flex.

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Yahoo Flex Skin 1

Yahoo Flex Skin 2Yahoo Flex Skin 2

AIR Beta 3 Released


Adobe Air LogoAdobe AIR lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

Beta 3 includes the following new features:

  • Applications built on Adobe AIR Beta 3 can register to run at start-up/log-in.
  • Web Launcher provides the ability to detect and launch an installed AIR application from a web browser.
  • Support for H.264 video and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).
  • Full Screen Hardware acceleration.
  • Flash within HTML Support allows Flash content to be integrated within HTML based applications.
  • Adobe AIR also supports automatic runtime updates, similar to how Adobe Flash Player can be updated.
  • Thawte (http://www.thawte.com/) offers an Adobe AIR developer certificate, so developers can certify applications built on Adobe AIR are from a trusted source.
  • Support for the Mac OSX Leopard operating system.

Download: Adobe Labs

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Flex 3 on RAD way


Ted Patrick has posted the new feature for Flex 3 Beta 2 CURD wizard for ASP .NET, PHP, JAVA and WSDL Introspection.

Flex 3 Beta 2 will have the feature to generate server side Code for data exchange with ASP .NET, PHP, JAVA. Where you can simply select the database and select the table and you will have options to retrieve, create, update and delete record.

This will have the WSDL integration where you have to type WSDL URL in wizard and it will give you all methods exposed by the web service so you can use it.

CURD Generated code will use XML format for exchanging the data between Flex Application and CURD generated scripts.

On RAD (Rapid Application Development) way:

This feature will be very helpful for creating data driven Rich Internet Application Prototypes in quickly. It will be easy for any entry level developer to understand the Flex by creating small data driven applications.

Flash Player 10 code Name “Astro”


Emmy Hung has made it official that next major release of Flash Player will be


 Flash player 9 had released in June 2006 and this will be next big release after long time.Â

Flash Player 10 will be demonstrated at Adobe MAX 2007.

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