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Flex 3: New Features (Enhanced Collection API, Advanced DataGrid & DeepLinking)


“Straight form Ted Patrik’s Blog” :) Ted has blogged some more cool features for Flex 3, which are part of Components and SDK Enhancements

Following are the new features:

Advanced Datagrid and Collection API:

Flex 3 Data grid will support more complex view you can view screenshots on Ted’s Post.

I feel this feature is gr8 addition to the flex because we can use the advanced DataGrid for more complex reporting view.

This feature is achievable with the help of new enhancement in collection api. Here are the New collection classes that were added:


Deep Linking:

This is one more good feature.

Ted has posted “allows a Flex application to manage data within a URL using the HTML Anchor(#) feature. Using the new BrowserManager a Flex application can bind to data within the URL to both set and detect changes in the URL. This feature makes it easy to persist data in the URL for bookmarking and provide a new way to input data into a Flex application.”

I think this is a good feature and open up many ways to communicate with the external container (Browser).
I can think of many use case of this feature like:

  • You can sore the current application state in browser URL.
  • Use URL which has the application state and open flex application which will get you the same state of mentioned on URL.

In this way you can sync the flex application with the browser.

You can grab detailed information form Ted Patrik’s Post

Flex 3: Code Enhancement


Ted Patrick has posted new Flex Builder 3 features related to Code Enhancement

Following are Code Enhancement feature related to Flex Builder 3

  • Faster Compilation
  • Strong Language Intelligence Support by Flex IDE for MXML/AcrionScript/CSS.
  • Refactoring for method, class and variable renaming
  • Class Outline will be an enhanced outline view, which will show all imported Class
  • Method and Property.
  • Enhanced Search Support
  • Flex Profiler for profiling code
  • Module Support in Flex IDE
  • Multiple Flex SDK support to select the targeted SDK for compiling your code

These All features are an Enhancement to the Flex IDE only.

Flex Profiler and Code Refactoring Feature Excites me more because we need the good flex profiler to profile code for complex enterprise applications.

For more details on features read following…

Flex 3 – Tuesday: Code Enhancements – Ted Petrik

Flex 3: Designer/Developer Workflow


As promised Ted Patrik has started posting about the new features of Flex 3 on his Blog.
Ted has posted the about the New Designer and Developer Workflow feature of Flex Builder 3 (Code Name “Moxie”)

Ted has mentioned

“Des/Dev enhancements to Flex 3 include support for much deeper skinning of Flex 3, Skin Importer, Design View Zoom/Pan, ItemRenderers in Design View, Advanced constraints, CS3 integration, CSS Outline, and many Flex 3 SDK style/skinning enhancements. These enhancements allow a much improved workflow between designers and developers and allow for much improved skinning of all aspects of a Flex application.”

This is very exciteing.. Skining will be easier due to new feature.

For more info read following:
Flex 3 – Monday: Designer/Developer Workflow : Ted Patrik

Flex 3 – Monday: Designer/Developer Workflow (CSS Design View) : Ted Patrik

Flex 3 – Talks are on


Flex 3 ??????????

Yes, Flex 3 talks are on.

Ted Patrick has posted Flex 3 – The most important feature! today morning. According to the post Flex 3 will be targeted on Flash Player 9 which is very smart strategy of adobe to come out with the next release by that time expected flash player 9 penetration will be 90% (currently it is 60% according to Aral Balkan’s FlashForward Macworld Keynote).

Ted Patrick will give a demo on some Flex 3.0 features at the 360Flex keynote.

In my opinion Flash Player 9 must have been developed after putting the lot of thought as Flex 3, 4, 5 releases will be targeting Flash Player 9 and may be currently Flash Player 9 is having all (hidden) capabilities which are targeted for Flex 3, 4, 5.

Well, I am very excited to see more features of Flex 3 but have to wait till 360Flex keynote.

Register to Flex 3 online prerelease program

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