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An architectural blueprint for Flex applications


Joe Berkovitz has posted nice article on “An architectural blueprint of Flex Applications“ on DevNet. He briefed out how to envision the architecture flex application in very simple way. He has explained MVCS architecture in very good way by taking example of ReviewTube .

If you are new to flex and learn how to start developing flex applications by using MVCS then this article will give you good start.

You can read article here.

Link to ReviewTube

PureMVC Courseware


PureMVCPureMVC has opened up the Beta test program for PureMVC Courseware. This is good initiative by PureMVC team to document the PureMVC and help people to adopt the frame work.

You can register for PureMVC Beta testing program here.

In can if you haven’t heard.

What is PureMVC?

PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications in ActionScript 3, based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.
This free, open source framework does not depend on any Flash, Flex or Apollo classes, and is therefore suitable for architecting applications on any platform running AS3.

Visit PureMVC website.



There are Different ways for RPC for data exchange like WebService besed on SOAP, WSDL WS- and REST. I have come across an interesting article which focuses on Introduction to REST and Key Principals of REST.

Article talk briefly on following RESTful Principals:

  • Give every thing an ID
  • Link things together
  • Use standard methods
  • Resources with multiple representations
  • Communicate statelessly

This is good article to understand REST quickly and enter in to RESTful arena 😉

Read Article here…

Usability vs Discoverability


I came across very good post on Usability vs Discoverability this post has good argument on Usability vs. Discoverability.

This post also describes the good difference of Discoverability and Usability for Web 2.o Applications (Like Twitter, Jaiku, Flickr and Del.icio.us) and very Serious Business Applications.

Catch the post Here¦

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