James Gosling on JavaFX and Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR


Kathleen Richards has posted notes of interview with James Gosling (Creator of the java programming language).

Here are some Q&A Discussed with James Gosling which are specifically for Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR.

How will JavaFX be positioned with regard to Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe AIR?
[James] : It certainly competes with both of those. I think we have a much broader and more capable API set. We’ve got a much stronger security story and cross-platform story and a really strong performance story. And I think our deliverable will be really nice.

As organizations think about building rich Internet applications or rich client applications, when should developers look at JavaFX over competing technologies?
[James] :Â If you look at something like Flash, when you get to the much more advanced stuff — richer interfaces, more complex network protocols, more complex APIs — it really falls short.” We’ve had a platform for years that can build rich Internet applications that are extremely sophisticated.
Our issue hasn’t really been, can you build interesting rich Internet applications? But that it’s difficult. And most of our efforts really are around making a lot of it easier.

In RIA technology space Flash Platform and AJAX are leader and Microsoft (Silverlight) and SUN (JavaFX) are just coming in action.

I am sure that Flash/Flex Platform Community will have some reaction on this.

You can read full article here…

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