AIR Beta 3 Released


Adobe Air LogoAdobe AIR lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

Beta 3 includes the following new features:

  • Applications built on Adobe AIR Beta 3 can register to run at start-up/log-in.
  • Web Launcher provides the ability to detect and launch an installed AIR application from a web browser.
  • Support for H.264 video and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).
  • Full Screen Hardware acceleration.
  • Flash within HTML Support allows Flash content to be integrated within HTML based applications.
  • Adobe AIR also supports automatic runtime updates, similar to how Adobe Flash Player can be updated.
  • Thawte (http://www.thawte.com/) offers an Adobe AIR developer certificate, so developers can certify applications built on Adobe AIR are from a trusted source.
  • Support for the Mac OSX Leopard operating system.

Download: Adobe Labs

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