Microsoft Released Silverlight 1.0


Microsoft has released Silverlite 1.0 today. This is one more move of Microsoft towards RIA space.

Press release has mentioned
Our expectations for compelling, immersive experiences on the Web are increasing daily,” said Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect. “With today’s release of Silverlight 1.0, we are making it possible for developers and designers to deliver to individuals the kind of high-def experiences they crave by integrating data and services in rich and unique ways. Silverlight will further accelerate the growth in rich interactive applications by giving developers and designers new options for delivering great experiences that span the Web, PC, phone and other devices”

Microsoft is planning to support Linux Platform and they have announced to work with Novell to make Silverlight Linux Compatible.

Do you want to get started?
Watch the Getting Started Video:

SilverLight Getting Started

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