Flex 3: * Most Wanted Enhancement* Smaller Flex SWF Files


Like every day in this week we are getting lot of suerprises by looking at new flex 3 features.

Today is Ted Patrik has blogged about the most wanted enhancement in flex 3. which is reduceing swf file size by caching the Flex Framework and Componet in new Flex Player 9 update 3 (FrogStar).

If you create a new Flex Project using Flex Builder 2.0.1 (Compile with Flex SDK 2.0.1) then your basic .swf file size will be around 122 kb because by default flex SWF will embed the Flex Framework. .swf File size will increase dramatically as you use UI components in your project.

According to me this was a drawback for the flex applications where your swf file size likely to be 400 to 500 kb (if you use datagrid and charting components) that will be very heavy for loading.

According to Ted’s post Flex 3 and Flex Player 9 update 3 (FrogStar) will solve this problem.
Moving forward the Flex Framework will be cached within the Flash Player dramatically reducing the size of the output SWF files. Your application SWF files will only contain your code plus the Flex Preloader containing the caching/loading logic and will exclude by majority the Flex Framework. Simply put, the file size cost of using any additional component adds negligible size to your base SWF files Ted Patrik

For more Information read Ted’s Post..

Hmm…. now can’t wait more… for next release…

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